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History Now

Have you ever thought about how your history is shaped by your present.  How powerful our choices are in light of this.  Be in the moment!

Good Enough

When we evaluate our growth level, we should never be satisfied.  Satisfaction is the enemy of remarkable.  Far too many leaders are satisfied.  It almost seems like there really is… Read more »

Where’s the Serve in Service

My son has issues with food allergies.  Consequently, my family sometimes needs assistance from the medical community.  The day my son was having issues must have been a bad day… Read more »

A Few Things

Do you realize that there are only a few things that we should be focusing on in this life?  I think five or less…When I talked to people these days,… Read more »

Brand You

It’s pretty amazing how much an organization puts into its brand.  Think about the dollars and mental capital used to further a corporate brand.  What’s more amazing is how little… Read more »

Looking for Margin

I spent a good portion of this weekend coordinating a “ministry fair” at my place of worship.  I discovered what it feels like to work with people who know the… Read more »


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