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Choosing To See It Through

Have you ever been tempted to “cash it in?”  OK, I know that’s very rhetorical.  Here’s my point; we cash it in every day.  Every day we’re confronted with temptations… Read more »

Living in the Zone

Live inside of your passion/strength zone, it is the place where dreams are birthed.  Strange and wonderful things occur inside this zone.  We meet people key to our dreams, we… Read more »

The Awakening

One of my favorite movies is The Matrix (the first installment).  There is a scene towards the end of the flick that is powerful.  The character Neo is in a… Read more »

Avoiding the Mystical

Why are we so afraid of the mystical things in life?  If you were told that success chases you, would that make you uncomfortable?  Would a statement like that cause… Read more »

The Land of H

In many corporate situations hierarchy is paramount.  Some might say it’s needed for order and structure.  The folks at “some” usually don’t mention fear and greed.  Often hierarchy creates a… Read more »

He Means It, They Don’t

What happens when organization cannot live out its values and beliefs?  More than likely employees begin to lose faith.  Obviously, decay and death could also occur.  What causes organizations to… Read more »

Life Imitating Hebrew

An old mentor of mind once told me that life is like Hebrew, you need to read it backwards to understand it.  This is also known as, “connecting the dots.” … Read more »

Love Your Work Not Your Organization

Do you realize that most organizations can’t love you back?  OK, maybe their not supposed to.  But have you ever found yourself on the receiving end of being the “jilted… Read more »

Five Things Only

I told my bride last week that there are only about five things to be concerned with.  Every other obsession, distraction, action item is a waste of our limited time… Read more »

What’s In It For Me?

Here’s a test, how much time do you spend thinking about yourself?  Most of us would say a lot.  We’re human…right?  Now’s the time to be super human.  Move your… Read more »


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