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Hurricane Katrina

My prayers go out to those impacted by Katrina. I hope you will pray…and give

Getting Comfortable

One of the most important areas of growth to focus on is getting comfortable with power.  As in most parts of the business landscape, power is ignored until it’s abused. … Read more »

Looking to the Future

Spent some time tonight participating in a panel discussion around youth development.  The Q & A was an engagement between the panel and a group of twenty-five young people. The… Read more »


I’m a believer in innovation!  It will keep you "alive" and fresh. Check out today’s First Impression on Fast Company’s site. Link:  The article is from 2002, but timely… Read more »

Epic Living Seminar

The Epic Living seminars will be "kicked off" in early October.  The seminars will introduce people to the idea of Epic Living and give them a taste of some of… Read more »

Manic Leaders

Do you work for a "manic" leader?  No offense meant for those that suffer from any manic diseases.  But I’m speaking of leaders that influence through manic types of behavior. … Read more »

Wisdom From Seth Godin

Checkout Seth Godin’s weblog (  You’ll need to click on his head to get there, but he has a post titled "Clueless."  The post nails why being average is dangerous.

Book Update

Wanted to update you all on some progress with the book: Query letters are going out this week and next. Book proposal, outlines and sample chapters have been edited and… Read more »


This has been a week of reminders.  Life is brief.  If any of you think you have time, I’ve got news for you…you don’t.  This is not my attempt at… Read more »

Why the Past is Past

If you’re in the mode of trusting in your past successes, then beware!  It is a dangerous trap that many leaders small and large fall into.  For some reason, our… Read more »


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