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Some Advice On Stress

The link ( has some great insight on stress.  This is timely for a lot of people right now.

Not Knowing It

I read somewhere that the people who encourage you the most are those that don’t even know their doing it.  These people are "lovers" and "encouragers" by habit and passion. … Read more »

ROD (Return on Development

What attracts people to your organization?  Is it the reputation of the firm?  Or, maybe the "brand" is highly sought after.  Whatever the reason most organizations would say attracting talent… Read more »

Holding Onto Vision

When you’re surrounded by opposition and detours, what’s your path…in light of the "vision?"  If the vision is clear, you’ll see the fight as a test.  Tests are necessary when… Read more »

One Regret

When I look back to ponder decisions made, I can’t help but have one regret.  That regret is not slowing down to experience the “moments.”  Through many, too many to… Read more »

Advice on Change

Found this article ( it still resonates with today.  Where’s your mind regarding change and innovation? 

I’m Willing To Wait

I had a conversation with a young lady this week who struck me with her patience.  In an age of quarter-by-quarter statistics and "give it to me now" careerism, I’m… Read more »

Do You Know Your Success?

As a culture obsessed with success, you would think we’d be more knowledgeable regarding that success.  But so often I meet people who think they’re one step away from utter… Read more »

Outgrowing Your Boss

Do you work for someone who is your junior?  Statistics say that this describes a number of leaders in Corporate America.  Don’t get me wrong, its no sin to be… Read more »

Leading Creatively

This is a great piece on leading creative people. Link: If you’re a creative person you’ll feel true validation from Max.


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