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Are You Authentic

This is my third commentary on the October 6 entry (A Sky Full of People).  Today’s world speaks of the desire for authentic people, but in practice shuns that type… Read more »

What Are You Afraid Of

In my entry (A Sky Full of People) from October 6, I listed some items that hinder growth.  The second one was the question of what are you afraid of. … Read more »

Knowing When You’re Alive

Think of the roles you play and ask yourself the following question: "Do I feel alive doing/living this?" If the answer doesn’t come immediately, you’re probably not fully engaged, not… Read more »

A New Find

I’m a big fan of Max De Pree, so it makes sense for me to refer you to this site (  Great insights and resources for your growth!

Harvey’s Message

Had a good friend and mentor give a keynote speech this morning.  He’s accomplished in many ways, but I’ve never had the privilege of seeing him speak in this arena. … Read more »

What’s in a Name

What great insights this article from Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal provides: Just enough humor to connect and relate.

Enabling Leaders

Are you a leader who is currently enabling (unconscious or conscious) the bad behaviors of your people?  If you are, you have a lot of company.  This type of influence… Read more »

Chasing Destiny or Chasing Success

I’ve written before about the perils of chasing success, but I want to give you another "cure" for this epidemic.  I use such strong language because people are only experiencing… Read more »

Who’s Challenging You?

My entry on October 6 (A Sky Full of People) listed some penetrating questions around growth.  As promised, I want to address some things I listed as blocks to a… Read more »

Seth Godin Interview

Check out this interview with Seth Godin.


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