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Carpe Diem Leadership

As a leader, do you assume that you have time?  For example, are you assuming that your company will be around tomorrow?  How about your industry?  I don’t want to… Read more »

They Just Don’t Get It

The premise of this story Freakonomics is about seven years old, but the moral remains the same.  As a clear leader, I will never waiver in my belief that all… Read more »

When Mortality Whispers

Today I got some news from my eye surgeon that stopped me in my tracks.  I have Type I diabetes, so for me this is just another part of the… Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

So much to be thankful for folks…live out your Thanksgiving Day.

The Road to Ruin

The link New Boss Skills reinforces the insanity of Corporate America.  Note the statistic around "soft" skills.  Obviously, there are a number of organizations that don’t realize that what is… Read more »

Just Make It Clear

Want to know if you’re a quality leader (in a family, church, association or business)?  Then ask your audience/followers whether you are clear.  Is your message full of clarity or… Read more »

Good to Great for Non-Profits

I like what Jim Collins is doing for the non-profit world.  See the Wall Street Journal article Good to Great from today.  I think he wants to impact society in… Read more »

What Could Be

I heard a leader (I believe it was Marcus Buckingham) once say that “what can be, is more important than what is.”  I think he also said that this is… Read more »

When Change Isn’t Really Change

I read an article ( that made me think about Corporate America’s definition of authentic leadership.  The lady profiled in the article talks about changing, but seems motivated to change… Read more »

Mr. Godin Does It Again

What a powerful assessment ( from Seth Godin.  See his entry from yesterday.


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