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Happy Christmas and New Year

Make these holidays happy and blessed. I’m taking a break for awhile, but I’ll see you in January.

Are You A Freak?

My title shouldn’t offend…it is a term of compliment.  Really.  The freaks, the misfits, or the weird are to be admired.  Most of the time they are agents of change. … Read more »

Thirty Days Left

I asked a sales group last week what they would do if they only had thirty days left to live.  The answers to that question were telling. The premise behind… Read more »

A Powerful Illustration of Influence

As you know, many organizations (profit and non-profit) consider "leadership" to be a soft skill.  Soft, in this case, meaning not a high priority.  I’ve written many things about the… Read more »

Something We Can Learn From

Found this piece ( in today’s Fast Company web portal.  A great encouragement to the creative mind.

Changing Direction

Self publishing is part of a revolution brewing in my mind.  Entities like Lulu provide a faster path to market when the idea is still "fresh."  Stay tuned as Epic… Read more »

Desperate Measures

Would you believe me if I told you that a major corporation was requiring it’s sales force to watch (from beginning to end) the movie "Field of Dreams."  Or how… Read more »

Making Leadership Management

Watch out when an organization confuses leadership with management.  For example, your organization says that learning HR policy is key to your leadership development.  It is not.  Management is task… Read more »

Clearly Connected

I am a simple person in many aspects of life.  Leadership is one of those aspects.  I spoke with an associate yesterday, and asked her a simple question around what… Read more »

Five Percent of a Hundred

How much of your hundred is spent on development…specifically leadership?  If you’re like the typical organization, the answer would be five percent.  Is that enough to do all that we… Read more »


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