Destiny Part 3

Now, if you’ve identified what’s calling your name, we’ll examine the power of preparation.  This can be tricky…you might want to take things into your own hands.  If you act in a rash manner, you’ll assure a disconnection.  It will be difficult, but if you truly want destiny (not compromise), you’ll be willing to allow things to "come."

I can’t stress enough of the importance of preparation.  In my own life I’ve seen how God shapes and molds for destiny.  Epic Living does not fit my past pursuits.  I was a man seeking riches and fame to soothe me from a world of rejection.  That was my usual tact, but then I realized there was only so much time for me to be what I was made to be.  Preparation is so important…very much like practice is for the professional athlete.  Without it you don’t win. 

In the spirit of preparation, ask yourself the following:

  1. Do my habits (friendships, education, exercise, etc.) reflect the support needed for my pursuit?
  2. Am I honest with myself?  Do I know the "chinks" in my own armor?
  3. Am I willing to wait?
  4. Do I seek honest and edifying feedback?
  5. Will others be happy when I succeed?  Will their lives be better?

Destiny Part 2

Many leaders have said that they had a sense of what was to come.  They, as Winston Churchill said, feel as if they were born for a certain moment and stage. What is your “certain” moment and stage?  Everyone has one!

Here are a few clues to watch for regarding destiny:

·       You feel alive when you’re involved in the activity (you know which one).

·       You face opposition.

·       You can’t give up, even when you want to.

OK, what calls out your name on a frequent basis? 

Do You Believe in Destiny?

Do you believe in destiny?  Do you believe that somehow you were wired for a certain purpose?  Does this purpose make you feel as if all of heaven and hell is at war over it?  Has this destiny and purpose spoken to you, even as a child?  Do you feel like your one step away from insanity?

If you answered yes to the above, then congratulations and don’t give up…you’re where you were meant to be.

Stay tuned, I’ll tackle more in the days ahead.

The Known vs. The Unknown

Which do you prefer…the known or the unknown?  Maybe that’s a little rhetorical, but we deal with this on a regular basis.  I can tell you that the unknown is better for you.  The known is heavy and the unknown is lite. 

If you’re one of those poor folks that is "attached" to the known, then I would recommend that you examine where this road has taken you.  One thing’s for sure, you’re probably dead, but not yet buried. 

Wake up!  There’s a life to be lived, and its full of unknowns.  Painful unknowns, perplexing unknowns and joyful unknowns are a few of the types you’ll face.  It won’t kill you, but it will cause growth to occur.

So what’s holding you back from leaving the known?


Some time ago, I had the experience of participating in a group exercise designed to help me know what people need to hear most.  A total of approx. fourteen people were in the group.  Seven were seated and seven were standing behind those seated.  In sequential order those standing would whisper to the seated what one thing they most wanted to hear growing up, but never did.  I want bore you with the entire exercise, but I was awestruck by the repetition of statements.  Statements like the following:

  • "I love you"
  • "I’m proud of you"
  • "You can do it"
  • "Don’t be afraid"
  • "You’re special"

The exercise left a mark…so much so, that I now use this exercise in some of my workshops.

Once again leaders should be in the business of seeing the unseen.  If you’re not telling your people what they crave to hear, then you’re truly robbing them of vital encouragement.

A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr

Much has been written about MLK, Jr., but I would like to show you how timeless his leadership is even to this day.  It pertains to one area that is so vivid to me…vision.  I know he exhibited much, and failed at much (he was human).  His vision, however, speaks loudly from the past.

He defined and articulated a better future for those that followed, and for those who refused.  This is the essence of vision, not to mention courage. 

There is no doubt that Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the world.  But do you realize that you, in whatever way applies, were designed to do the same.  Maybe your "scale" will be different, but that scale will have impact on the world as we know it.

Here’s to a better future.

Following Doctor’s Orders

I have a specialist that has taken care of me for almost ten years now.  Not only is he a great doctor, but he also has a lot of wisdom.  He’s well read and knowledgeable in the area of corporate politic.  By the way he hates politics. 

Today he told me that corporations are "screwed up."  Why?  He thinks they’re too paternal.  He thinks its ridiculous for organizations to lead adults as if they were children.  And isn’t that what a lot of senior managers do?  "Johnny, did you arrive to the office on time?"  "Julie, have you finished that report yet?"  Sounds like daycare!  My doctor gave me a simple prescription today…lead adults who act like adults, and fire adults who act like children. 

Adults who act like adults want to grow and do something meaningful.  Adults that act like children will more than likely never "grow up."

History Lessons

OK, you work with someone for ten years and then it happens…

You realize that something special has been built between you.  A bond, a trust, above all a relationship.  Its withstood good times and bad, good markets and lousy ones.  Interestingly you don’t figure this out until he tells you he’s moving to Vegas or Tahoe.  And so it goes, we don’t get it until the end.  More than likely you’ve encountered what I’m speaking of…maybe under more grave circumstances.

It doesn’t need to be like I described above.  Here’s how you can stay "current:"

  1. Practice the exercise of milestones.  Create a time line and mark all of the milestones in your relationship.  All the significant events you’ve experienced together.  This will renew and cause you to be thankful.
  2. Tell the person "thank you."
  3. Remind yourself regularly that life is made of seasons…nothing stays the same.
  4. Don’t let work become bigger than your relationship.

What Churchill Taught Us

This piece on Winston Churchill illustrates (with some humor) the importance of clarity in leadership.  Certainly the circumstances of war contributed to Churchill’s clear messages, but urgency is often summoned from within…regardless of the circumstances.

Another interesting reality about Churchill was that he knew he didn’t have time to waste.  Having Hitler breathing down your neck will do that.  The attitude that prevails today is contrary to Churchill and his time.  We feel that we do have time.

If you’re planning on leading anyone or any organization to greatness, you must act swiftly.  Know what you want and pursue the "end."