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GE Knows

You can’t argue with the impact GE has had on development (management and leadership specifically).  This Fortune piece is very telling. Why don’t you start approaching development with the same… Read more »

Welcome to Tomorrow

This Wall Street Journal article is somewhat prophetic.  I’ve mentioned here (other places as well) that there will be a worker shortage in the next 7-10 years.  I hope the… Read more »

Time Standing Still

Think of a point where time stood still for you.  Was it the birth of a child?  What about when you figured out what made you come alive?  Whichever, those… Read more »

Corporate Living to Tell

Don’t know what you think of Time Warner, but their CEO just emerged victorious from a major corporate battle.  Take a peek at this Wall Street Journal interview with Richard… Read more »

Knowing What You Know

Do you know what you know?  Sounds strange, but are you familiar with your talents and strengths?  If someone asked you to give your personal "elevator speech," could you do… Read more »

That Which Does Not Kill…

I believe we are shaped by the things that shake us.  But not many of us have encountered  what Eddie Lampert did.  He was kidnapped a few years ago.  Mr…. Read more »

A Life of Imitation-Updated 2010

I wonder about the identities of high-level executives in today's corporate world.  To be fair, I wonder about your identity.  This is not meant to judge you, but to express my… Read more »

Ask Him

Found this link to a Barron’s article profiling Carl Ichan.  Obviously, the article is about an investment.  But can you read between the lines? For those that think leadership is… Read more »

No Regrets

I read once where an entrepreneur spoke of having a greater fear of regret, than of failure.  What a powerful statement!  If some fears are healthy, then the fear of… Read more »

Living a Lush Life

I saw a this article about Lush Cosmetics and the creative brain that runs the company.  I like his approach and energy. Don’t think for a moment that only certain… Read more »


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