GE Knows

You can’t argue with the impact GE has had on development (management and leadership specifically).  This Fortune piece is very telling.

Why don’t you start approaching development with the same passion as GE?

Welcome to Tomorrow

This Wall Street Journal article is somewhat prophetic.  I’ve mentioned here (other places as well) that there will be a worker shortage in the next 7-10 years.  I hope the organizations that are reaching out to young kids will include some leadership training.  The sad reality is that many don’t do it for their own people…let alone a future employee.

If you’re a CEO or someone of that scope, better get ready for the shortage…growing leaders now will serve you well.

Time Standing Still

Think of a point where time stood still for you.  Was it the birth of a child?  What about when you figured out what made you come alive?  Whichever, those moments are permanently ingrained.

Now, what are you doing in the mundane?  You’ve probably forgotten when time stood still. 

Get away for some moments of reflection and remember.  Time stood still for a reason.

Knowing What You Know

Do you know what you know?  Sounds strange, but are you familiar with your talents and strengths?  If someone asked you to give your personal "elevator speech," could you do it?

Knowing what you know is why we were supposed to create vision and mission statements.  Sadly, those statements have become stale because we write, print and forget.  If you’re not careful life can go that way.

One fascinating thing about true successes relates to their ability to know what they know.  Don’t think that only famous athletes understand this.  Ask Rick Williams of the Violet Baptist ChurchViolet Baptist Church in Pickerington, Ohio, or Larcel McGhee of the Flip Flippen Group are two individuals that come to mind who live this out. 

Start now by writing down what you know, and start getting to know what you know.

That Which Does Not Kill…

I believe we are shaped by the things that shake us.  But not many of us have encountered  what Eddie Lampert did.  He was kidnapped a few years ago.  Mr. Lampert is obviously very successful in terms of money…I think there’s more to the story though.  Check out the last exchange between the writer, Mr. Lampert’s mom and Mr. Lampert himself.

As in music, the last statement will put the rest in perspective.

Do you have time to put off those goals?

A Life of Imitation-Updated 2010

I wonder about the identities of high-level executives in today's corporate world.  To be fair, I wonder about your identity.  This is not meant to judge you, but to express my concern.  Sorta like, if you knew I was planning on driving drunk, you'd tell me to hand over the keys.  Identity isn't always that straight forward, but it is as important.

Maybe like the CEO, you're someone who became what the organization demanded or seduced you with.  What about that burning desire to perform?  Regardless, somewhere along the line, a career of imitation began.  Now before you say that I'm picking on executives or corporate types here, these statements are for all of us. 

Are you who you really are, or are you an imitation?  What does the face-behind-the-face look like? 

Being authentic requires a willingness to be real.  It requires the courage to say, "I don't believe in this crap."  Pardon my frankness, but maybe that's where authenticity begins.  Saying what we really feel.  I'm not recommending that you just blurt something out just because you "feel it."  I am recommending that you be honest with yourself by admitting and doing something about it. 

So what gives with the imitating?  Find the vision and you'll realize that you don't have time to be anyone other than who you are. 

In the end, the only people who matter are those who dig the authentic you.

No Regrets

I read once where an entrepreneur spoke of having a greater fear of regret, than of failure.  What a powerful statement!  If some fears are healthy, then the fear of regret is a good one.  Regret…that cold reality of something lost, that will never return.

If you find yourself questioning your vision or destiny, think about the regret factor.  I am of the mind that if a person pursues their true vision/destiny, they will not fail.  They will hurt, they will suffer loss, and thankfully they will be shaped by God (He is the author of destiny). 

Here are a few tips on avoiding regret:

  1. Test your motivations…as they relate to your unique vision/destiny.  Testing involves questions like "would I do this thing or action for free?"
  2. Ask your advisers/mentors to probe and ask tough questions.  These people should not be impressed by you, should be willing to speak truth in love and really have your (your naked self) best interest at heart.
  3. Check out the Half Time site.  The book is powerful…regardless of your faith.