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Leadership Survey

I took an informal/un-scientific survey of a group of corporate citizens (approx. fifteen people) this week.  The survey related to where (a corporation, professional sports, etc.) an individual might find… Read more »

There’s Hope

This interview with the new CEO of W.L. Gore and Associates gives us hope about the state of corporate leadership. 

The Journey

Consider the following: A journey without sight produces a wanderer. That quote comes from my dear friend Larcel McGhee.  We all would do well to pour our individual and organizational… Read more »

Another Great Resource

John Kotter is a great resource for leaders from all walks of life.  Check out his site and be changed!

Past Appearences

To see past appearance, is to practice a level of leadership not often found.  Why?  It is a painful and lonely place to go.  Vaclave Havel says that modern man… Read more »

The Gut

Much has been made of the importance of our gut (that thing in us that says go or stay).  I am in this camp.  That said, there is more to… Read more »

Make It About Someone Else

You’ll advance the condition of the world around you, by making your pursuits about the condition of others.  This is not easy!  But the best leaders understand that what they… Read more »


How do you handle the unexpected?  Does fear come to pay you a visit?  Do you smile and see it as a new chapter?  Maybe all three… Maybe we don’t… Read more »


I saw someone today that I haven’t seen for years.  Feels like days…  My chance encounter reminds me of how life plays out.  You’d think we walked into a movie… Read more »

The One Less Traveled…

A friend told me yesterday that he was traveling a road not occupied by many.  By the way he’s on a search for destiny.  Isn’t this a search we all… Read more »


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