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Terry Walling has had a profound impact on my life and direction.  The link provided is to his blog.  I’ve never met Terry in person, but the impact is there… Read more »

Must I Choose?

Teddy Shah’s letter to Fortune magazine is not only wise, but convicting.  The article profiles various leaders/executives and their typical work day.  Some of the insight around efficiency is good,… Read more »

The Thermostat Gauge

I like the perspective of Susan Whiting.  It appears she understands the environment she’s in, and what it takes to succeed. What’s your temperature inside your organization?

Where’s the Follow-Up

Marshall Goldsmith has said that any class, program or seminar that doesn’t have follow-up is a waste of time.  I agree!  Think about it, when you sit down at these… Read more »

A Passion

This article on Philip Anschutz reveals much about a man putting his money where his mouth is.  He believes in his product (Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) and pursues it relentlessly. … Read more »

Beginning to Believe

Sunday I received an encouraging word from someone who attended one of my workshops.  I remember him well, due to the apparent discomfort my session caused him.  His body language… Read more »


I came away very impressed with this article from Fortune.  Mark Hurd seems to have H-P moving in the right direction.  He really seems to know what he wants for… Read more »

Lifelong Learners

Here are a five reasons life long learners will play a leadership role in the coming decades: Life long learners are…you guessed it, always learning.  When you learn you change… Read more »

The Greed Effect

This story regarding Jack Abramhoff and company, reveals a lot about greed and power.  As you think about these men (mostly younger), you can’t help but wonder whether someone set… Read more »


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