Terry Walling has had a profound impact on my life and direction.  The link provided is to his blog.  I’ve never met Terry in person, but the impact is there just the same.

Be sure to check out his thoughts around Steve Jobs and "Now Discover Your Strengths." 

Who’s impacting you?  Write me a comment (link at the end of this entry).

Must I Choose?

Teddy Shah’s letter to Fortune magazine is not only wise, but convicting.  The article profiles various leaders/executives and their typical work day.  Some of the insight around efficiency is good, as well as Hank Paulson’s (Goldman Sachs) commitment to his customers and health.

Beware of the beast (career/work)…the article is a tale of caution.  You only get one opportunity to get "life" right.  Many of us have given way too much of our lives to things that still leave us wanting more.

Start today by establishing a threshold of contentment and success.  Better to finish this race with a great life to show for it.

Where’s the Follow-Up

Marshall Goldsmith has said that any class, program or seminar that doesn’t have follow-up is a waste of time.  I agree!  Think about it, when you sit down at these events there is unspoken belief that everyone wants growth and change.  The reality is that you can "game" your way through if you say and do the right things.  Even people who are well intentioned fall prey to their own bad habits of learning.

Here are a few suggestions to make the most of your program experience:

  1. Find out if there is any type of follow-up support after the event.  If there isn’t, don’t throw out the opportunity.  But ask yourself whether you have the resources (mentor, self-discipline, books, etc.) to do the follow-up yourself.
  2. Check your motivations.  In other words, do you really want to learn?
  3. Make sure the material is geared to your strengths.
  4. Make an appointment with yourself after the event to capitalize on the "key" points of learning.
  5. Stay away from the "pump you up" events.  If you need to be pumped up in the arena called life, then check your pulse.

A Passion

This article on Philip Anschutz reveals much about a man putting his money where his mouth is.  He believes in his product (Chronicles of Narnia, etc.) and pursues it relentlessly.  You can debate later whether you like the content.

Mr. Anschutz gives us a window into our own passions and motivations.  Don’t think everything revolves around money and our mouth.  It could be taking that class, or starting that consulting business.  What do you believe?

It will never be easy, but it will be rewarding…regardless of the short term pain.  I can’t stress enough here about the importance of long range thinking and the vision that should support it.  When we think of a better future, we prepare ourselves for the short term heartache, stress, disappointment, etc.  Success comes no other way…true success.

Don’t compromise what you believe in.

Beginning to Believe

Sunday I received an encouraging word from someone who attended one of my workshops.  I remember him well, due to the apparent discomfort my session caused him.  His body language said it all during that workshop.  Sometimes discomfort is the best thing a participant can experience.  I didn’t realize the level of impact the workshop had on him.

He thanked me for the presentation and the content.  Notably, he commented on the film clip I used from the film "The Matrix."  If you’ve seen the movie you may remember when Neo is shot dead, but awakens with new confidence and power.  This gentlemen related that to his walk with Christ.  I told him that’s what I wanted to communicate.

Its wonderful to get confirmation of the affect your work has on people.  Especially, since I’m fully dedicated to waking people from all walks of life…where they’re at.

So, are you awake?


I came away very impressed with this article from Fortune.  Mark Hurd seems to have H-P moving in the right direction.  He really seems to know what he wants for the company, and is willing to risk to get there.  A lesson for all of us…especially when we think we can win without risking anything.

Lifelong Learners

Here are a five reasons life long learners will play a leadership role in the coming decades:

  1. Life long learners are…you guessed it, always learning.  When you learn you change and grow.
  2. Since these folks are used to change, they are prepared for change.  The coming years will produce rapid change.
  3. They’re urgent about what’s most important.
  4. They see life as a play or movie, full of sub-plots that shape them.
  5. The arena (destiny’s laboratory) is where they desire to be.

Does this describe your path?

The Greed Effect

This story regarding Jack Abramhoff and company, reveals a lot about greed and power.  As you think about these men (mostly younger), you can’t help but wonder whether someone set them down to talk about the dangers of greed.  The reality is that most are never talked to, or better yet mentored on these issues.  That’s why we’ve (Epic Living) included greed and power into our leadership development program.

How do you expect to handle something you’ve never been trained or advised in?  More than likely you will fail at anything you’ve never been taught in.  We are a nation focused on getting, not growing.  If we’d slow down a minute we’d learn that we get as we grow.

If you’ve never considered greed and power, then I would seek out someone to help you get a handle on it.  Leaving this in the dust could ruin your life (see the story above on Tom Delay and Jack Abramhoff).