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How Do We Really Work?

The following came from a letter to the editors at Fortune: How I (Over)Work? AS THE FORMER HEAD of a $600 million company, I feel compelled to comment on "How… Read more »

Book Excerpt III

THE BEST INFLUENCE WE CAN LIVE                 The world changes when influence is used to grow people.  People begin to be inspired and energetic.  They… Read more »


This Fast Company piece reflects how rapid change is occurring…specifically in the book publishing arena.  As many of you know, I’ve talked about this before.  Look at the music industry… Read more »

Book Excerpt II

WAKING UP In order to fully understand where we want to be, we need to look back and connect the dots.  It personally took me over ten years to awaken… Read more »

Lessons Learned

A mentor asked me today about what lessons I’ve learned lately.  Here were some of my responses: Sometimes we can lose our identity in things other than the those that… Read more »

Marketing…One Hit at a Time

I’ve mentioned Seth Godin before, so his piece titled Barry Bonds is in keeping with my thoughts on Seth’s genius.  I think the view is essential to marketing, and life. … Read more »

Living, Yet Extinct

  Is Rick Wagoner presiding over a dinosaur?  Some say yes, others say he just needs to keep the turnaround going.  I’m in the dinosaur camp.  GM just seems to… Read more »

Solving Problems

What problem are you solving today?  Even more importantly, how will the world be affected by the solving of the problem?  If you’re not solving a problem, you’re probably part… Read more »

An Ocean or a Lake

Is your influence an ocean or a lake?  Meaning, are you dynamic like the ocean vs. the calmness of a small or medium sized lake? Those who have ocean-like influence… Read more »

Book Excerpt

Thought I would give you a taste of my book "Waking the Working Dead."  This excerpt is from Chapter 9. THE POWER OF AUTHENTICITY Let’s now explore how we move… Read more »


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