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Thank You Mr. Beethoven

I found the following quote on Terry Walling’s blog from Ludwig van Beethoven: "I have never thought of writing for reputation and honor.  What I have in my heart must… Read more »

When Winning is Losing

I was listening to "Murder by Numbers" by The Police when I happened upon Seth Godin’s Black, white and grey blog entry.  How ironic is that!  Read his piece and… Read more »

Talking Points

In the land of corporate America talking points can be important.  Whether the speaker knows or believes in what they’re saying is another matter altogether.  This announcement from today’s Wall… Read more »

Never Underestimate

First, I will confess that I have underestimated Jon Stewart.  I found Ed Batista’s site while looking at Tom Peter’s web presence.  He’s a thoughtful writer, and he helped me… Read more »

Do It Yourself

Most of you know how passionate I am about growth, and one way to make growth happen is to get a mentor.  Fast Company has a great compliment to the… Read more »

Leadership Atrophy

Let’s say you’re thirty-five and starting to wonder about what’s next.  You have a passion for…you fill in the blank.  Maybe, like this Fortune Article, you’re thinking about the "second… Read more »

Selling in a Changing World

Seth Godn’s June 12th Blog on the death of a sales call speaks volumes about changes in the way people buy.  I’m most fascinated by the fact that some salespeople… Read more »

Future Forward

I’ve mentioned it before, but is your company (or even you) ready for the coming talent shortage.  Some say by 2010 this will be front and center for corporate America. … Read more »

What’s Left Unsaid

A father watches his son play.  The son is four…the father remembers being a son.  What he remembers is not what was said, but what wasn’t.  This makes a difference. … Read more »

Running in the Family?

The picture you see is two of my uncles, and a great uncle.  The scene is from the late 1960’s.  My uncles were young and full of vigor.  Did they… Read more »


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