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The Meaning of Work Part II

OK, yesterday you might have thought that I believe that all work has no meaning.  Let me clarify a few things: Some are lucky and fortunate to work in a… Read more »

The Meaning of Work

Much talk these days on how to make work more meaningful and finding meaning/fulfillment at work.  I don’t believe it can be found…not at work anyway.  Rest assured, meaning can… Read more »

Selling Imitating Life

This wonderful piece from Business Week Online is not only poignant, but inspiring for all who seek to be successful in life and work.  Michelle Nichols provides us with the… Read more »

Never Too Late Part II

Here are some more of those life lessons: Pay attention to the smallest matters (a smile, a brief meeting, a feeling inside) they are clues.  Many times they are from… Read more »

Are They Engaged?

I saw a quote somewhere that said that over thirty percent of American workers are not fully engaged in the organizations they work for.  Engaged meaning; fully there, fully productive,… Read more »

Why Blog?

I found this article on the The Pew Internet & American Life Project.  It gives a portrait of blogging that is limiting in nature.  By that I mean, the reason… Read more »

Never Too Late

As many of you know, I’m north of forty.  This is a time that carries many questions, but equally as important are the lessons learned.  I wrote about some lessons… Read more »

The Love Affair

Ever thought about how much time you spend working?  Ever thought about how much of your identity is shaped by work?  Ultimately, I’m speaking to those that work eight or… Read more »

Worshiping the CEO

This is a picture of Carlos Ghosen.  He is the CEO of Nissan and Renault.  This article from Fortune looks into his ability to turn GM around.  GM’s board has… Read more »

What’s in Your Heart

Seth Godin, as you know by now, is brilliant in my book.  His piece from yesterday titled "Beggars or Choosers" is insightful.  Since my book is soon to be complete… Read more »


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