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Life and Light

Do you have anyone pouring life and light into you?  I’m talking about someone who gives you needed direction.  If you do, you’re a fortunate person.  You probably see things… Read more »


I had the opportunity last week to ask a successful coach (football) about how you can know if you’re really on a team.  The question came up in a group… Read more »

I Wasn’t Fired, I Was Retired

Welcome to twentieth century America business.  As this story from communicates, executives are kinda guilty, so they’ve decided to retire.  Isn’t the first step in fixing a problem admitting… Read more »

Seth Godin in New York

Check out Seth Godin’s announcement for his seminar in New York this December.  I won’t be able to make it (a very special and beautiful lady who I’ve known for… Read more »

Wanted: New CEO

Now this isn’t meant to poke fun at CEOs, but wow!  Today is the day for many a resignation.  See this article from Bloomberg about McAfee and CNET.  Do you… Read more »

Ends vs. Means

In my last entry I told you how dangerous it is for skills development to exceed character development.  This piece from Fortune illustrates the point.  The end doesn’t justify the… Read more »


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