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Guy Kawasaki’s blog entry: "The Art of Panels" from yesterday, speaks volumes about the impact of internet video.  He also gives some useful tips on making the transition from "old… Read more »

Winning and Losing

I was asked yesterday by a friend what makes the lessons we learn "stick."  Obviously, that depends on the person and their will to make a change.  But one of… Read more »

November Rainbow

Sometimes the rain brings beauty…even in an Ohio November.

The Living

Are you trapped?  Many are…some have given up on finding a way out.  There’s a another group that’s trying to find a new path.  Sometimes art imitates life.  All of… Read more »

Is She Ready to Lead?

I don’t write about politics, but I thought it was timely to talk about the implications regarding leadership.  The biggest question I have about Nancy Pelosi is not whether she’s… Read more »

Is Apple Flattered?

As you may know, Microsoft has introduced a new product (Zune) to compete with Apple’s I-Pod.  This article from Business Week gives a review and comparison.  I wonder if Microsoft’s… Read more »

Google Disruptions

                        As this Forbes article states, the newspaper industry is finding their traditional business model (advertising) disrupted by Google.  Is that a… Read more »

The Value of a Nap

Check out Pat Poole’s blog entry for Thursday, November 2.  Good humor and relevant…

Productive Inspiration

This profile of Jim Donald, CEO of Starbucks, in a recent issue of Fortune is truly inspirational.  I especially like his approach around meetings and returning phone calls.  Many organizations… Read more »


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