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Gone Forever

With a year coming to an end it seemed appropriate that I would have a vivid nightmare this morning.  Ok, some of it was more like a dream.  I’ll explain…… Read more »

We Should Fly

Found this photo today courtesy of Fox News.  A bald eagle flying over the Manhattan skyline.  Couldn’t help but think of Seal’s song "Crazy:" "In a world full of people,… Read more »

What’s Your Story

OK, stop what you’re doing and write down your story.  Don’t be afraid or skeptical! What is your story?  What have you done?  What do you know how to do? … Read more »

Merry Christmas Hank

This might be a very merry Christmas for Hank McKinnell (the former CEO of Pfizer).  As the article from illustrates he’s going to leave Pfizer a "richer" man than… Read more »

Why Apple?

This article from Forbes is an interesting review of a new book on Apple.  Ever wondered why Apple seems to be continually growing?  A culture of innovation seems to be… Read more »

I’ve Got The Power

Enter Bill Smith…master of all he surveys.  The people around the table give him his due.  No one would expect anything different, after all he is the senior, senior, executive… Read more »

The Big Five

What are the five most important things in your life?  How much time have you spent on them in the last week?  The answer to those two questions will reveal… Read more »

Changing VCs

Guy Kawasaki’s blog entry on Venture Capitalists is telling.  The article from the San Jose Mercury News is the primary source, but Guy always has great insights.  As evidenced by… Read more »

A Nice Average

By now you may have read that Goldman Sachs had a record quarter for earnings and such.  What you may not have known is the average pay per employee.  This… Read more »

No More Secrets

Do you keep secrets? Secrets are the doom of great leaders.  They hinder our ability to lead and inspire.  Why?  Because secrets are usually masks of insecurity and fear.  Sure,… Read more »


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