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The Art of Email

Tim Sanders has a great post today titled Master Your Subject Line.  He tackles the art of e-mailing-e-mailing well.  In our hurried world, getting better at communicating through e-mail is… Read more »

Microsoft Vista

Found this slide show on Fast Company today.  It gives you ten things to think about regarding Microsoft’s new OS Vista. You decide if there’s value to Microsoft’s pitch.


In a post from today’s The Juggle you get a regrettable story around life choices.  So what’s more important, your life or your career.  I know its not an either/or… Read more »

Walking in the Customer’s Shoes

Guy Kawasaki has a great post today about The Top Ten Ways to Hinder Market Adaption.  I learned a few things for my online pursuits, but I also came away… Read more »

Age and Power

David Widener’s piece from Market Watch Weekend on Citigroup doesn’t say it all.  Quite frankly, he glosses over the reason why Citi is struggling.  Their culture is ripe for the… Read more »

Buffett on Management

This post from the Wall Street Journal Davos Blog is telling on Warren Buffett’s management style.  Melinda Gates makes a glowing comment at the World Economic Forum about Buffett and… Read more »

Thoughts on Creativity

Seth Godin has a great post on Creativity that illustrates the challenge when you seek to move your ideas.  Learning execution is important…


When you’re on hold with a large organization, do you like the background music and messages?  You know; "thank you for choosing (fill in the blank) we appreciate you and… Read more »

The Opposition

If you choose to pursue your purpose and destiny what are the chances you will be opposed?  My experience says the chances are great.  Why?  I think mostly because purpose… Read more »


Winter in Ohio…what a great photo! 


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