Beware of Power

Many parts of our culture ignore the drug of power.  Often, we confine our conversations around power and politics.  This piece from CNN details some conflict with two leading Democrats running for President.

I know many feel Barack Obama is just the "right" guy for the job of president.  Sadly, I fear he will be eaten alive by the same animal that has eaten his opponents.  You can always put lofty words around your vision, but often this comes from those whose hearts have been ravaged by their desire for power.

Maybe the DEA should put power on the same list as cocaine.

Check out this clip from the classic film Citizen Kane.

Moving Out of the Twentieth Century

Found this post today titled "Corporate Podcasting Ideas" from the The Engaging Brand.  It struck me how we can use things like podcasts to build engagement with our employees.  Organizations can make the mistake of thinking that media is nothing more than entertainment.

We’re in the twenty-first century…time to trust if we want engagement.  In other words, don’t be afraid of media (blogging, podcasts, etc.).  Use it to build something in your people. 

The Dream is You

This post is for the dreamers that have not given up their dreams.  I write this way because WE ALL ARE DREAMERS.  That’s right, every human being was wired at the start to dream.  Isn’t it tragic that most (usually by adulthood) bury their dreams.  Someone laughed at us, someone told us it wasn’t practical, someone scared us and the list goes on. 

God wired us this way to bring us back.  Back to the wonder of a relationship.  Pardon me for waxing spiritual, but have you ever met someone with no dreams?  That is not a life to be lived…it is the equivalent of being dead without the burial. 

Want to understand some contributers to depression?  Want to understand why we seek distractions?  Want to understand why we’re so overwhelmed by the good with no room for the great?  Look no further than the death of dreams…billions of them.

So if I’ve exposed you, what would I recommend you do?  Take a look below:

  1. Read The Dream Giver.
  2. Stop rejecting your authentic swing (the one who never has to wear a mask).
  3. Check-out this post on Choosing Greatness from the Servant Leadership Blog.

Leading In The Family

I usually keep my posts dedicated to workplace and corporate leadership issues.  I read this post this morning from The Juggle titled "What About Spouse Time."  It left me thinking about the importance of leading in the family.

The time we invest in our spouse and/or children cannot be underestimated.  Quite frankly, their more likely to listen and respond than your organization.  Forgive me if you work for an organization that loves you as much as your family.

What can you do today (not tomorrow, not after you get back from the business trip, etc.) to influence your family and change the world.

By the way, I’m learning to take my own advice.

Have You Looked at Your Business Model Lately?

This post from Fast Company makes you think a lot about your business model.  Have you fallen in love with your model?  Do you feel good because last quarter’s numbers were great?  Are you booking more gigs than last year at this time?

I don’t mean to rain on the parade…I would just recommend that you evaluate (on a regular basis) your business model.  Things change quickly these days…sometimes in very subtle and quiet ways. 

Better be ready to turn the ship.

Points on Power Point

What comes to your mind when you know you’re attending an event (conference, team meeting or presentation) where Power Point will be used?  For me, boredom and malaise are way up there.  That’s because everyone is just doing what they’ve always done with the visual thing.  Can’t we do something different?  Something that speaks to where we’re at.

My friend Steve Hopkins, who is the director of training for SCBO, uses Power Point, but he also uses cinema.  You might see a clip from O Brother Where Art Thou? or something that changes your mood and wakes up your senses.

Seth Godin gives some wonderful insights on a really bad power point.  Judging by his comments I’m not alone in my thoughts. 

Understand, I’m not calling for the end of Power Point.  Things change though…