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Beware of Power

Many parts of our culture ignore the drug of power.  Often, we confine our conversations around power and politics.  This piece from CNN details some conflict with two leading Democrats… Read more »

Moving Out of the Twentieth Century

Found this post today titled "Corporate Podcasting Ideas" from the The Engaging Brand.  It struck me how we can use things like podcasts to build engagement with our employees.  Organizations… Read more »

The Dream is You

This post is for the dreamers that have not given up their dreams.  I write this way because WE ALL ARE DREAMERS.  That’s right, every human being was wired at… Read more »

The Pain of Service

Seth Godin has a wonderful post about Setting Expectations.  The story reminds me of how important expectations are, but more importantly how many businesses just don’t understand what "service" means…. Read more »

Leading In The Family

I usually keep my posts dedicated to workplace and corporate leadership issues.  I read this post this morning from The Juggle titled "What About Spouse Time."  It left me thinking… Read more »

Have You Looked at Your Business Model Lately?

This post from Fast Company makes you think a lot about your business model.  Have you fallen in love with your model?  Do you feel good because last quarter’s numbers… Read more »

Points on Power Point

What comes to your mind when you know you’re attending an event (conference, team meeting or presentation) where Power Point will be used?  For me, boredom and malaise are way… Read more »


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