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Thoughts on the Final Four

No, this not my bracket update for the NCAA Tournament.  But I did pick Ohio State to be in the Final Four.  Enough on that… What’s fascinating to me is… Read more »

What Price for Fame?

800-CEO-READ paints a disturbing picture of book selling in their post "Everyone wants to be a bestseller."  Funny how we define winning… Here are some things to think about as… Read more »

Calling On the Hero Inside

Guy Kawasaki points us to heroism in his post "The Banality of Heroism".  Have you acted in a heroic way lately?  In a culture that constantly sends us messages about… Read more »

Not Just Imagination

Seth Godin posts today on The surprising thing is the rarity.  When you dig in and read the campaign put on by Red 5 Studios, I’m sure you’ll admire their… Read more »

Cheers to American Express

This is an ode to American Express. I have my business credit card with American Express.  The division is actually named "Open from American Express."  I’ve also been a personal… Read more »

Valuing Your Network

I found this post today from Tim Sander’s blog titled "Ping Your Network".  He hits a home run on valuing your network.  Whether looking for a career opportunity, selling a… Read more »

A Different Approach

800-CEO-READ has an interesting review of a new book entitled Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose.  There are some quality organizations profiled and the authors… Read more »

A Sense of Heart

Yesterday I met the most wonderful animal.  It was a horse…a race horse no less.  I’m not planning on investing in a race horse, but I would consider it based… Read more »

Just Be Nice

I know many out there are prescribing the cure for better customer service…I think that’s great because customer service really can be a contradiction in terms.  Here’s my contribution to… Read more »

Engagement Again

Take a look at this post from The Engaging Brand blog.  I’m a believer in LinkedIn and what social networking can do, but Anna Farmery brings up some intriguing opportunities… Read more »


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