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They Really Didn’t Want His Opinion

I know many organizations that say (especially in meetings and presentations) they want candor and open dialog.  But this piece from the The Charleston Gazette shows how organizations can stray… Read more »

Figuring It Out

Caught this post from Jim Logan on “Making Sense of What, Why and How.”  He’s right and I think there is one additional point to me made; how does experience… Read more »

A New Operating System for Leaders

A couple of days ago I wrote about Google introducing a new presentation software product.  I’ve been thinking; how about a new operating system for leaders-good and bad ones?  For… Read more »

iTunes Opportunities

For you iTunes fans 800-CEO-READ has a great heads up for you.  $5 bargains in the audio book section.

Pointless Power Point

Seen a great Power Point presentation lately?  Seth Godin has an interesting post on "The worst powerpoint slide ever used by a CEO."  When you look at the slide you’ll… Read more »

Being Foolish

This video is from a great speech by Steve Jobs.  It’s Stanford’s 2005 commencement ceremony.  You may have read the transcript, but the visual adds much.  A very powerful reminder… Read more »

Good Reading

Check out this post from 800-CEO-Read.  Some good titles to investigate and digest.

The Game is Changing

Guy Kawasaki gives us some innovative advice on getting a better handle our prospective managers/leaders.  In his post on LinkedIn and the Art of Avoiding an Asshole Boss, Guy points… Read more »

Good Advice

The Engaging Brand gives us a post on change.  It partners well with my post on the dangers of turning 50.  What wise advice Anna’s father gives us. Change before… Read more »

Watch Out for 50

Once heard a great speaker warn an audience about turning 50.  The audience was made up of and directed toward men.  The warning was basically wrapped around the loss of… Read more »


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