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Things Ain’t What They Used To Be

Penelope Trunk posts on a story noted a couple of days ago on some generational rifts afoot now. How do you measure yourself?

The Role of Pundits

When Seth Godin posted his entry ("Pundits are (nearly) always wrong") I couldn’t help but remember a workshop I gave some years ago.  It was about the upfront cost of… Read more »

Book Additions

Just added some new books to the Epic Books section (look to the right of this post) of the blog. Good reading!

The Art of Your Personal Audit

Do you audit yourself?  Most of us are afraid to do personal self-audits.  The idea of finding something we don’t like inside scares us.  Ironically, finding those things that scare… Read more »

Lifetime Spent

Time is a currency that everyone transacts in.  How we use it is the key.  It’s very pertinent when it comes to business.  How efficient are you?  Are you out… Read more »

CEO Thoughts

Jim points us to this article from USA Today.  I especially like the advice from Jim Quigley of Deloitte and Touche.  Most young people don’t have a clue on how… Read more »

Life and Career Advice

Guy Kawasaki brings this post on ways to boost your career.  Penelope Trunk (the featured thought leader) has some great insights for life and career.  Some of them may challenge… Read more »

Shameless Endorsement of Blogs

You may think that I’m wasting my time endorsing blogs…since I’m a blogger.  But this is a post on how much insight/education you can get from those who write in… Read more »

Upfront Pain

In our frenzied culture the idea of upfront pain (specifically in one’s destiny pursuits) is not often discussed.  If you don’t believe me, then steer a conversation that way at… Read more »

The Cost of Betrayal

This clip from "Love Actually" reminds me that there’s always a price for betrayal…not the least of which is the broken heart. I admire Richard Curtis for capturing this, as… Read more »


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