The Role of Pundits

When Seth Godin posted his entry ("Pundits are (nearly) always wrong") I couldn’t help but remember a workshop I gave some years ago.  It was about the upfront cost of greatness.  In other words, if you want to achieve anything great (relative and legacy defined) you must pass the entrance exam. 

Sometimes the exam is run by a pundit.

Check out Seth’s post and give me your thoughts.

The Art of Your Personal Audit

Do you audit yourself?  Most of us are afraid to do personal self-audits.  The idea of finding something we don’t like inside scares us.  Ironically, finding those things that scare us and doing something about them could be the source of our greatest breakthroughs.

Tim Sanders has a wonderful post titled; "Audit yourself: Last Friday’s sent emails."  He focuses on how we communicate through email, but it made me think of what holds us back from becoming what we dream of becoming.

I know some might think their "fine" or "OK."  But in a culture where self-deception can be an art form, I would caution you from taking that approach.  Here are a five things to ponder regarding self-audits (as I call them):

  1. Life is brief and your legacy is unfolding right before your eyes…even if you’re not looking.
  2. Your sphere (family, friends, colleagues, etc.) are impacted by what you become.
  3. The world is a little better or a little worse by the decisions you make.
  4. Not doing "self-audits" will lead to some level of bankruptcy (moral or otherwise).
  5. Confront your defects and destiny will smile on you.

Lifetime Spent

Time is a currency that everyone transacts in.  How we use it is the key. 

It’s very pertinent when it comes to business.  How efficient are you?  Are you out of balance?  Do your kids wonder who and where you are?  When was the last time you had a date with yourself?

Here are some tips to address time spent:

  • Have you "fallen" for the wrong customer?  You spend hours, you create spreadsheets, you have a slick presentation and you don’t get any business.  You’ve passed the point of giving your boss good reasons for the delay.  Truth is you’re not confronting reality.  I’d suggest you ask the prospect if they’re ever gonna marry you:)  Remember, in-order for it to be a business relationship there must be business. 
  • Calculate how much you make hourly and then ask yourself what kind of ROI you’re getting for that time.  You might be shocked by the answer.
  • If you’re lonely, bored, angry or into gossip go get a life outside of your work.  Transacting in those mind-sets (anywhere) leads to poverty.
  • Find a mentor who has discovered their life and closed the door on a career.  You were born and you will die…life matters and is the issue to be addressed.
  • Pursue a great love because destiny is kind to those who do.

CEO Thoughts

Jim points us to this article from USA Today.  I especially like the advice from Jim Quigley of Deloitte and Touche.  Most young people don’t have a clue on how to handle power, greed and all the other dangers that lurk in corporate America.  I’m glad someone’s speaking about it from CEO central.

Life and Career Advice

Guy Kawasaki brings this post on ways to boost your career.  Penelope Trunk (the featured thought leader) has some great insights for life and career.  Some of them may challenge your conventional wisdom, but you may find some good wisdom…I did.

Just remember though:

"There is a deeper wave than this rising in the land."

            – Sting

Shameless Endorsement of Blogs

You may think that I’m wasting my time endorsing blogs…since I’m a blogger.  But this is a post on how much insight/education you can get from those who write in the land of blog.  It can help you in your business, personal, spiritual and health life.

I’ve chummed Guy Kawasaki and Seth Godin here quite often.  But I’ve done this because of the FREE knowledge they dispense!  You could ring either one of these guys and ask them what they would charge for a speech or seminar and I guarantee you it won’t be free.  I’ve become a better marketer and leader because I’ve read their stuff. 

I’m compelled to write for the same reasons above.

Here are a few blog posts I think you’ll benefit from today:

Upfront Pain

In our frenzied culture the idea of upfront pain (specifically in one’s destiny pursuits) is not often discussed.  If you don’t believe me, then steer a conversation that way at a neighborhood get together.  You’ll notice the facial expressions change…almost immediately.  A look of dread or skepticism could be one of the reactions you’d get.

I admire those who are willing to accept upfront pain. 

The type of upfront pain I speak of would be like a new musician practicing scales…over and over again while wondering when they’ll ever play something enchanting.  Maybe the high school teacher who wants to connect with her students, but feels like everyday is full of resistance.  Many give up when confronted with these types of circumstances.

Upfront pain is the entrance exam/password to enter greatness.  Meet someone that has experienced and dealt with upfront pain, and you’ll find someone who is authentic.  That’s because they know nothing worth doing comes easy. 

Don’t be fooled by our media that tries to convince you that life is a pain-free offer.  They may not say it openly, but just look at the messages that are sent through various information portals.  They’re not talking about pain and sacrifice.

Shying away from upfront pain is the first step in giving up.

Don’t give up…

The Cost of Betrayal

This clip from "Love Actually" reminds me that there’s always a price for betrayal…not the least of which is the broken heart.

I admire Richard Curtis for capturing this, as well as Emma Thompson’s portrayal.

A strong reminder…