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Vacation on Hilton Head Island, SC

Been spending a beautiful week on Hilton Head Island, SC.  I’ll post some photos soon.

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Somebody once told me to never forget the small stuff (thank you, return phone call/email, etc.).  I’m glad I listened.  Struck a deal today with someone I hadn’t seen for… Read more »

We Knew It Was Coming

Welcome to the world of networking…the rating variety that is.  Asher raises his hand on rating current and former bosses at  Not sure how it makes money, but the… Read more »

Are You Busy?

To say that Americans are busy would be putting it mildly.  Look no further than the average corporate soldier for proof.  He/She has a Blackberry full of meetings, outings, dinners,… Read more »

Calling All Sychophants

Some believe that corporate America is overrun by sycophants (those who feel the need to kiss ________).  I’m not writing to measure that statistic, but I do want to write… Read more »

The Future State

Found this interview with Joseph Ellis courtesy of InsideWork.  Mr. Ellis is a master of strategic thinking and vision.  He was formally with Goldman Sachs and is a well noted… Read more »

Just Return the Call

One thing that drives me nuts is someone not returning the call.  Now, if someone was in a serious accident or was called into an emergency meeting, I would understand… Read more »

News You Can Use

Don’t be alarmed by this post, I’m not turning into an investment adviser.  But today’s post ("Watch the 10 Year U.S. Treasury Yield") from Rich Karlgaard makes you think…might help… Read more »

No More Crap Marketing

Jim Logan brings us this obvious, yet not so obvious, post on marketing.  He nails it and manages to give us hope on our opportunity to win in a sea… Read more »


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