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Who We Really Are

Here Comes The Flood When the night shows The signals grow on radios All the strange things They come and go as early warnings Stranded starfish have no place to… Read more »

Book Update

Signed an agreement today to publish the book.  I anticipate a release date of December 15 (give or take).  More updates to come…

I Know What I’m Looking For

You’ve heard it before that to get what you want you need to know what you want.  Never more true in the pursuit of a job.  You could be a… Read more »

Business First Column

The Business First column is out.  You can read a brief excerpt here.  You’ll need to be a subscriber to read the full text online or you can pick up… Read more »

Just Say It

Don’t you wish those who are wanting one thing, but are asking for another, would just buck up and say it?  For example; "I’m only two sales away from my… Read more »

Playing Percentages

In a world that advocates playing the percentages you might find yourself feeling that certain people are either lucky or unlucky.  Or worse, you might credit Tiger Woods with just… Read more »

Column in Columbus Business First

Just signed an agreement with Columbus Business First for a guest column titled "Making Vision Contagious in Every Employee."  The column should run within the next three weeks. The premise… Read more »

Hard Times

In many ways our hard times produce tremendous opportunities.  The opportunities I speak of are unseen. For example, many chase money through their twenties and thirties.  But a severe loss… Read more »

Changing the World

I was thinking tonight about how far we’ve come in the land of work in America.  I’ve read about all the vast intelligence of hedge fund managers and the great… Read more »

This Just In…

This just in…happiness is a choice. The following outlines what I mean: Humans are imperfect, therefore they will fail you.  Sometimes people do it on purpose and sometimes not. If… Read more »


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