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What’s Your Time Worth?

We all know that lawyers charge by the hour, but do you realize that we all do?  For example, let’s say you sell advertising.  Think about what you’re on track… Read more »

Columbus Business First Column

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to read my column in Columbus Business First, you can click here to view the entire piece. Pass it on!

How We Develop Leaders

I’m for the group and not the individual.  Recognizing that it takes multiple individuals to create a group.  Some arenas call this a team.  I get a little leery with… Read more »

What’s the Buzz?

Found Popurls thanks to Guy Kawasaki.  The site does a great job of aggregating the "buzz" on the web.  If your business and/or passion is to know and reach, then… Read more »

Job or Family?

Yesterday’s post from The Juggle explores the issue of career vs. family.  Some might not relate to this because they’ve made peace with the argument.  This group is small though,… Read more »

The Authentic Side of Truth

Are you struck by the willingness of some to stray from the Truth?  Are you shocked that in many situations people have redefined Truth. I didn’t think we had a… Read more »

Harvey…Hardly Ordinary

My good friend and mentor Harvey Hook has just published his first book.  The Power of an Ordinary Life was released on 9/1.  You can click here to view his… Read more »


I haven’t forgotten…I hope you haven’t either.

Worth the Risk

What project, mission or quest have you entered into that you’ve consciously said is worth the risk it required?  The greater question may be found in whether you’re involved in… Read more »

A Little Advice on Networking

Motivations are everything and is especially true in networking.  I’ve found that many don’t network for the following reasons/excuses: They see no value in who they are.  Ironic, sense God… Read more »


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