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Compromising Values and Corporate Slavery

We’re now on bullet #8 from my post How To Know If You’re a Corporate Slave.  When you think about compromising values what comes to your mind?  A busy executive… Read more »

Meeting Mastery

Tim Sanders has a wonderful post on adding follow up time to your next meeting.  His advice is refreshing and valuable.  As many of you can attest to, meetings have… Read more »

Ignoring Reality

I thought I would provide you a small preview of my new book, Waking Up In Corporate America: Seven Secrets That Opened My Eyes.  The preview is taken from Secret… Read more »

Trying Kindle

Guy Kawasaki gives us a good (as in thorough) review of Amazon’s new Kindle device.  I haven’t purchased on yet, but it seems like a good addition for readers.

5 Myths of Retirement

First, all of us should be investing our money for the future-however long that may be.  We should not be living for a future we have no guarantee of seeing…. Read more »

Thanksgiving Message

To all of the Epic Living subscribers and regular visitors thank you for your loyalty and interest.  You’ve made a conscious choice of allowing my thoughts to come into your… Read more »

Link to New Column in BizJournals

You can click here to look at a preview of my column in BizJournals.  It offers my insights on exercising and handling power-specifically with individuals who are charged with leading… Read more »

New Books and Blogs

Just added some new books and blogs to the site.  They can be found to your right under Epic Books and Epic Blogs. Enjoy!

Taking a Stand

In my post, How To Know If Your a Corporate Slave, last week I noted that if you would lie rather than take a stand on an issue, you were… Read more »

New Column in BizJournals

I have a new column coming out in BizJournals (November 16th Columbus Business First if you desire a hard copy).  I’ll post a link on Friday. The subject matter is… Read more »


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