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Top Finds for 2007

This is my last post for 2007, so thank you for making the year memorable and inspiring.  I want to give you my top finds (books, sites, blogs, commentary, etc.)… Read more »

Beautiful Music, Beautiful Day

Just so you know, I post on music because it is the language of the soul.  Has a lot to do with life, no? Here’s a beautiful gift on a… Read more »

Happy Holidays

Happy holidays to everyone.  May it be a time of joy and peace (real).

Power Article

You can view the article on power I wrote for BizJournals here.  A subject that goes largely unaddressed in corporate America.  With all the damage done, you’d think there would… Read more »

How Elitism Can Poison You and Your Organization

When an organization gets lazy and just reads from the manual, they have probably embraced elitism.  Some might call this plain old laziness.  Individuals can make the same fatal mistake… Read more »

A Voice Close to Heaven

Some years ago I had a chance to tell the person below that I felt heaven in his voice. The song Pedro Aznar is singing is titled Setiembre (September).  The… Read more »

How To Surround Yourself With People Who Are For You

In my post yesterday on Career Trends, I noted the importance of "hanging" around people who really want you to win.  Conversely, I noted you should stay away from the… Read more »

Career Trends

Penelope Trunk posts this piece on The End of Work As We Know It.  It reveals much on future trends in the work place.  I’ve written and many of you… Read more »

Best Way to Spread the Idea

As I come closer to the date of publishing my first book Waking Up In Corporate America, I’m fascinated by the pitches made to me by the PR world.  Some… Read more »

The Danger in Comfort

Fast Company has a post with some inspiring comments from film producer Brian Grazer on comfort zones.  Mr. Grazer is largely responsible for the film below: The land of comfort… Read more »


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