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Creative Discomfort

One of the wisest things you can do in your career and life is to embrace discomfort.  Really, its just about changing/learning in order to make your life a masterpiece. … Read more »

Google Trends

Today I want to point you to Google Trends.  I may be late to the party, but I’m intrigued by what this tool can do. I did a search on… Read more »

Virtual Book Tour with Cube Rules

I am excited to let you know that starting next Monday (February 4) I will be involved in my first virtual book tour for Waking Up In Corporate America.  Scot… Read more »

American Express and Credit-Ability

Last week I received a letter from American Express explaining a credit decision made without my request.  One of those random reviews I suppose.  I decided to call them and… Read more »

Daniel Day-Lewis and Your Career

Daniel Day-Lewis is arguably the greatest actor of our time.  His approach to his craft is-to say the least-intense.  He is a tremendous example of pursuing what you do with… Read more »

Change This and Manifestos

I was pointed to Change This by Seth Godin some months ago.  They have a neat concept and approach that I’ve decided to through my hat into.  You can view… Read more »

Barnes and Noble & Waking Up In Corporate America

Barnes and Noble now has Waking Up In Corporate America on their site and ready for ordering.  Some folks were wondering about B&…I confess that I was too.  But after… Read more »


There is an article in today’s Wall Street Journal that I can’t linked to because they are subscriber only (come quickly Mr. Murdoch, come quickly).  But the article’s about Ludwig… Read more »

The Mixture of Triumph

Physically touched my book for the first time today.  I cried at the thought of how much work, faith and perseverance went into the project.  A great release for me…. Read more »

Recession Obsession

Was looking at the television news yesterday (local and national) and I thought I was in the movie Ground Hog Day.  I said to myself; "I’ve heard this before…a recession… Read more »


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