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What Management Doesn’t Get: Leading People Implies Responsibility

I had a mind blowing thought today as I was driving.  We humans are a masterpiece.  I’m speaking specifically to the way we’re made.  The sheer complexity of our DNA… Read more »

How To Embrace the 90/10 Rule-Again

So many principles, so little time:).  Seriously, I want to tackle the 90/10 principle (10% is the unexpected good or bad, 90% is what you choose) in relation to our… Read more »

Epic Living Radio Show

We’re close to launching an Internet radio show.  First show should be in the next couple of weeks. Stay tuned:)

Pin Oaks in February

Took this shot yesterday of three pin oaks in the rear of my house.  I admire these trees sometimes because of their resilience (at least on my property).  Kind of… Read more »

When Marketing Get’s Murky

Wanted to point you to an article I read in the current issue of Fast Company.  You can view the article here.  The writer, Rob Walker, makes some compelling arguments… Read more »

Be Authentic

Sorry I’m a little late in posting the last in my series on leadership.  Yesterday got away from me in a big way. Be Authentic is the first chapter in… Read more »

New Video on Waking Up In Corporate America

See below for some comments from me on the book:

The Dangers of What’s Seen

A good friend told me this week that there is danger in what we see versus what we don’t see.  Ten years ago I would have jumped out of my… Read more »

Squidoo Lens

I just finished a lens on Squidoo that you can view here.  Just another way to cast the net wider.

How Leaders Can Overcome Insecurity

We don't like to talk about insecurities.  Let's face it, insecurities are the proverbial skeletons in the closet or baggage we've carried around for years.  So why don't we talk… Read more »


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