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April 5 Book Signing with Barnes and Noble

I’ll be signing and discussing my book on Saturday, April 5 at Barnes and Noble Easton (Columbus, OH area).  The setting is different than my previous signings.  I’ll have the… Read more »

Email: To Respond or Not to Respond

Scot over at Cube Rules posts this piece on email responsiveness. He has some helpful tips. Scot’s post made me think of those who fail to respond.  I don’t think… Read more »

March 28 Radio Show: Don’t Chase Success

Friday’s radio show will cover Secret 3 from my book.  The secret, Don’t Chase Success, will help you avoid the pitfalls of pursuing the dead end known as success.  I… Read more »

Why Leaders Must Hold Their Followers Accountable

Earlier we spoke of how leaders must love people.  It’s a very true statement.  Leaders must also hold their followers accountable.  Holding another human being accountable (expecting an outcome and… Read more »

Why Leaders Must Love People

Wrote this post a while ago, but the relevance still resonates.  It’s intended for the customer service rep. or the senior vice president of sales. I’m always fascinated by organizations… Read more »

Friday’s Epic Living Radio Show

Friday’s Epic Living Radio show will air at 12:30 PM EST.  We’ll be focusing on how to live a life of influence.  Click here for details on how to tune… Read more »

March 15 Book Signing with Barnes and Noble

The below photos are from my book signing with Barnes and Noble (their Pickerington, OH location) this past weekend.  We sold some books and more importantly we connected with those… Read more »

What Happened When I Was Told To Leave

At various points of my writing here, I’ve pointed to my experiences when I was told to leave my last job in corporate America.  I always tried to write in… Read more »

Why I Write-Updated

Thought it was important to update this post.  Originally written in 2008, it's a daily reminder that trust is important in words-written or spoken. "I have never thought of writing… Read more »

Trading the Intangible for the Tangible

I recorded a podcast with Anna Farmery of The Engaging Brand a couple of weeks ago.  I’ll link to the podcast in the coming weeks.  It was a great conversation… Read more »


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