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An Inconvenient Truth-Really

Having trouble in life and/or career?  Think about the following: Trouble is like fire in the furnace that removes impurities from gold-your gold. Trouble is like a plow to soil… Read more »

Advice for Those in Sales

If you’re still in sales (you make your living by what revenue you bring in for the organization) and haven’t moved into creating lasting value, then this post is for… Read more »

Twitter Widget Added

I added the Twitter widget today.  You can view on the left-hand column.


The power of genius comes when you realize that you must reinvent.  Maybe all these tough times come to prepare you for the next lifetime. Your lifetime is made up… Read more »

The Art of Listening

The April 25 Epic Living Hour radio show will focus on the art of listening.  I’ve found that listening is a key that unlocks places you’ve never imagined you’d have… Read more »

Waterfalls and Hideaways

Got a chance to getaway last week to a place I’d never been before.  It’s an area called Hocking Hills (southeastern Ohio).  I new it was a great trip, because… Read more »

Why We Follow the Leader

In America we are in the midst of an election cycle that’s interesting to say the least.  The following is from an article I wrote last November.  I believe sets… Read more »

Twitter: Now I Get It

I signed up for Twitter in late 2007.  I didn’t really get it, even though I was inspired by Guy Kawasaki to do it.  Who really wants to know what… Read more »

Money Ain’t Your Friend

Money ain’t your friend.  Easy for me to say, since I’m working inside of a start-up.  You might think I’m about to rant about all my troubles with funding, accounts… Read more »

Alltop and The Epic Living Blog

You can find a feed for this blog on  Alltop is a site that aggregates blog and news feeds in one place.  Think Google News and you’ll understand.  It… Read more »


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