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A Great Tool Named Twitter

You should consider (if you're not already doing it) writing on Twitter.  You can follow me there as well under the name epicliving. I publish my Twitter posts on this… Read more »

Looking for Happiness

The happiness you're looking for is always in front of you, wherever you go.  It's kind of like your shadow. Happiness is a choice only you can make.

Why Incongruent Values Matter

When I was much younger (a time when I thought I was invincible) I had one significant incongruent value.  That was the value around my physical health.  At barbecues or off-site… Read more »

Letting It Play Out

In life and work it can be easy to call the game before everything plays out.  You may think that the current state is a predictor of the final outcome,… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of LinkedIn

I, like many of you, are on LinkedIn.  It is a great tool for networking and meeting new people.  It is also a significant part of your branding strategy, whether you… Read more »

Memorial Day Thanks

In America today we honor those who died fighting for freedom.     Freedom is precious and I'm thankful for it.


When identity is formed by "things,"  you are certainly courting disaster.  It might not happen immediately, but over time it will ruin you.  

The End of Safety and Security

Many management and career consultants have said that the idea of safety and security in the workplace is pure fantasy now.  I would say their a little late to the… Read more »

Wisdom From the Land of Professional Sports

Paul points us to this piece from HR World.  All of the coaching wisdom comes from coaches in professional sports (heavily waited toward the NBA).  You may not like all of… Read more »

Advice on Life from Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy has some advice for us today; Forever Now!  By now, you may know that Senator Kennedy has been diagonsed with brain cancer.  My prayers go out to him and… Read more »


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