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Music That Inspires My Writing

When I write I need music flowing through my ears, to my heart and then to my head.  For example, I listened to a lot of jazz when I wrote… Read more »

Thought Provoking Survey from Zogby International

My friend Asher Adelman of eBossWatch and the Workplace Democracy Association pointed me to this media release from Zogby International.  The noted survey was a joint effort between the Workplace Democracy… Read more »

What’s DNA Got To Do With It?

I wrote last week about DNAand leadership.  I got some quizzical looks when I discussed this with a few people.  So in the spirit of better explaining myself, the following… Read more »

True Love

Peggy over at the Career Encouragement blog points us to this great quote: "Do not think that love, in order to be genuine, has to be extraordinary.  What we need is to… Read more »

Why Connect?

If you're going to connect (in your work or life) with someone, make sure you're doing it to help/give.  If you find yourself interested only because of what you can… Read more »

What Making a Wish Can Teach You About Living

I visited a local chapter of the Make a Wish Foundation yesterday.  One of my consulting clients had business to do there.  This was my first time experiencing this organization,… Read more »

A Cool Tool to Present Your Brand

I'm a believer in "Brand You."  I even dedicated a chapter of my book to it.  Now comes a cool tool called VisualCV.  It gives you the opportunity to present your brand… Read more »

Friday’s Epic Living Hour with Michelle Malay Carter of Mission Minded Management

Friday's Epic Living Hour will feature Michelle Malay Carter of Mission Minded Management.  Michelle is a great thought leader who focuses on fixing "the systems" of organizations.  I have been a… Read more »

What Tiger Woods Teaches Us

Congratulations to Tiger Woods for winning the U.S. Open today-with great drama. But more importantly, here's what Tiger Woods teaches us: Every success contains some elements of failure. Number one… Read more »

The Traditional Book Publishing Quandary

Traditional book publishers are in a quandary.  I won't bore you with my thoughts on what I've learned since the release of my book Waking Up in Corporate America.  But… Read more »


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