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How to Trust a Leader

There is more than one way to know if you can trust a leader. But one key way is find their crucibles.  If leader isn’t willing to talk about them or… Read more »

We Are Fragile

We are fragile.  Mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  I know some won’t go here with me, but let’s not pretend that it doesn’t apply.  So wherever you are now, give yourself… Read more »

Entrepreneur Thoughts

Found this by way of Matthew Scott’s blog.  It’s a great piece on how one entrepreneur views being in business for self-with a little advice thrown in.  Click here to… Read more »

Conspiring Circumstances

  Talked to my friend Robin this week and we discussed the idea of conspiring circumstances.  You know, the things in life and work that always seem to come up… Read more »

Friday’s Epic Living Hour with Special Guest Nina Simosko of SAP

Nina Simosko, COO of SAP’s global education group, will be my special guest on Friday’s Epic Living Hour We’ll discuss trends in leadership and workplace education, as well as some… Read more »

The Power of Micro-Blogging

I use Twitter daily (look for me under “Epic Living”).  One of the people who follows me asked my thoughts on micro-blogging in the corporate arena.  I wanted give my… Read more »

To Blog or Not to Blog

When I spoke to the OWL group last week, there was some conversation around corporate blogging.  The substance of those conversations were mainly around the lack of understanding about blogging-specific to organizations… Read more »

Ode to Dr. Mike

It seems appropriate to do one last post on health this week. I’ve given glimpses of my thoughts on good health, but it wouldn’t be complete without giving a nod to… Read more »

The Beauty of Tuscany

As stated many times, I am lover of wine.  I am especially fond of red wine.  The health benefits, the taste (when the palate is given a chance to embrace),… Read more »

Rescheduling Larcel McGhee on The Epic Living Hour

For those who were looking for Larcel McGhee’s conversation on last Friday’s Epic Living Hour, I apologize.  We had some issues with scheduling, but we anticipate having Larcel on soon…. Read more »


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