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Chaos, Clarity and Courage

My friend Terry gave me the following lesson a couple of week's ago:         Chaos can produce clarity, which then will challenge you to take courage.  If you take courage, you… Read more »

Crisis: American Economy Style

If you want to know what your leader(s) are made of, now is the time to find out.  Who we really are is revealed in crisis.  If your industry/work is… Read more »

A Dose of Reality

Picked this post up from my friend Ron.  A dose of reality…

A Prophet

Any amateur prophet can predict the future after the future becomes the present.  The professionals predict even while they face the storm of criticism and isolation. Makes you wonder who… Read more »

Turning Static Into Dynamic

Found this site by way of Jeremiah Owyang's blog.  LiveWorld has created a "social" application called LiveBar, that has tremendous potential.  Sort of the turning what is static into what is dynamic idea…. Read more »

What Do You Mean by Life-Long Learner?

Overheard a lady today talking/complaining about the difficulty in finding a job.  I don't know if her lack of employment was due to attitude, or the business cycle.  I felt… Read more »

The Art of Not Forgetting

In our frenzied business culture, the tendency is to fly through.  We do this thankful we made it on time to the next meeting.  But what about the forgetting?  You… Read more »

BizJournal Column

I wrote this columnfor BizJournals back in August.  It addresses the opportunity of social networks-inside and outside of the organization. I hope it inspires!

Writer’s Block and Your Story

I've been grappling with writer's block lately, so sorry for the infrequent posting.  I won't write unless there's something in my heart that needs to come out.  Not sure what… Read more »

The Gold

When you stop and think, there's much gold to be mined in us.  When  you realize this, you'll treat yourself and others with great care. 


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