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Here's hoping your Thanksgiving will be full of much happiness. I am infinitely thankful for you.

The Two Paths to Great Leadership

             Had a great conversation with Marc yesterday.  We spoke a lot about future plans with our two companies, but it was his brief statement below that made me pause:… Read more »

Grasping Power

Those who seek to grasp power and promotion are usually the least fit to manage it.

Leadership Development and Your Authentic Wiring

There is a lot of emphasis in leader development on knowing who you are.  In other words, how you're authentically wired.  This is a good thing. Analyzing a leader's wiring… Read more »

30 Entrepreneurs

Had the fortune of making this list from  It's made up of 30 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. Truly an honor to be noted with this fine group of people.

Finding the Gold

Yesterday's Epic Living Hour on the result negative processing can be heard on the player below.


  This post relates to a lonely time in my life.  It was a time of being forgotten, a time of isolation.  It made me better, but it did hurt…. Read more »

Exposed and Transperent

"Never trust a leader who hasn't suffered."     -John Eldredge I've heard it many times before that who we really are is revealed in crisis.  I didn't fully own that reality… Read more »

Diminishing Return

If you're like me, a type A, then the idea of one more call or sentence is a lure.  But the reality is we reach diminishing return well before we… Read more »

Real Change

The above speech is from 2002, but it seems to me that it is fitting on the eve of our election here in America.  I have no idea where Bill… Read more »


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