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Top Finds for 2008

By random thought last year I decided to create a brief list of my top finds for the year.  Most of it was specific to the Web, bust some non-Web… Read more »

All Around You

I read this over weekend from The Wall Street Journal Weekend…Peggy Noonan's book recommendations, I believe.  The content relates to Mother Teresa and a recent book by Joseph Langord.    … Read more »

Don’t Give Up

Considering the level of concern on faces I've seen and the hearts and minds connected, I thought I would give you a link to a post I wrote some time… Read more »

Difference Making-2008 Versions

I've always believed that I have grown because of those who've been kind enough to pour their lives into mine.  In that spirit, here is a list of people who… Read more »

I Want My Leadership Development-Now

In times of crisis (economic or otherwise) organizations begin to think about leadership.  Actually, they think of it often.  What they do about it is another thing. I feel for those… Read more »

It’s All Twitter’s Fault

I have been neglecting my normal (widescreen, if you will) blogging because of Twitter.  I guess I've been getting into the micro nature of it more lately.  Have no fear,… Read more »

The Way Through

During these times many are saying we need to find a way out.  I say we need to find a way through.  We'll never be the better for this time… Read more »


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