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I Have Learned…

I have learned… When you give love, it's permanent. The process is infinitely more important than the outcome. Fairness will be addressed on the other side of eternity. Life without… Read more »

Endings and Beginnings

As painful as it can be (believe me, I know), our endings are the best start for our beginnings.

The Hope Of An MBA

Saw this post in today's Wall Street Journal.  I don't know if my comment will ever get to Dawn, but I thought I would re-post my piece on the glorious… Read more »

My Favorite Business Book

Speaking To The Future

Are the leaders you're following having a hard time speaking to the future?  Is there an atmosphere of fear and reaction in your offices? The best leaders are willing to… Read more »

What Your Organization Could Learn From the U.S. Air Force

Caught this post from Lois Kelly today and I was shocked.  I confess that I've never looked at the U.S. Air Force as being that progressive/innovative.  As Lois points out,… Read more »

Everybody’s Self-Employed

As I caught today's announcement of December job numbers, I began to think about how serious things are.  Mind you, I didn't just start thinking about the seriousness.  But I… Read more »

Don’t Institutionalize Everything

The cause of many of the ills your organization may be facing are rooted in the process of institutionalizing.  This is a process of making rules, creating procedures and locking… Read more »


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