Finding Something Bigger Than Yourself

These days I feel like an alien.  Could be a good thing considering our culture, our times and my grief.

Mother Teresa and Nelson found something bigger than themselves.  Both paid a high price, but the mark/legacy is indisputable.  They were not people of merely words, but of action.  I have to believe that God designed them to specifically leave an imprint. 

I used to think that certain leaders were special.  Sort of the chosen ones who were given a green light while the masses just looked on.  I don't believe that anymore.  God doesn't waste DNA on anyone, but we do sometimes get watered down.  Who we are vanishes in a haze of success and pursuits.  Ever notice how a poor economy unmasks this act.  Take away the toys and who we are is on display. 

I'm rethinking the meaning behind economic downturn.

Maybe all of the messages about uncertainty are true.  Maybe this is the best place we could ever hope to be in.  No more dependence on government (liberal or conservative), no more hope in Wall Street, no more turning away, just asking questions that are personal.  Questions like the following:

  • Mother Teresa said that Calcuttas are everywhere.  If that's true then where's your Calcutta?
  • If death is certain, then how do you cheat the grave?  Here's a hint: Do what my dad did, poor yourself into someone (me) without them knowing it.
  • Have you found something that leaves you totally vulnerable?  Could be a person, vision, movement or organization.
  • What are you afraid of?  This answer will reveal your greatest threat.
  • Will anyone be the better for your contribution/participation.
  • Have you given up serving by proxy.
  • Has your heart been broken?  This could the place to find your greatest imprint.

Twitter Realities

I'm a user and fan of Twitter.  But I am also a thinker. 

Had a couple of new followers (or so I thought) join my community, but Twitter doesn't list them on my page of followers.  So are they following or not?  Time will tell.

With this issue simmering, I found this blog from Jim Long at Verge New Media.  I really dig his insights.  Coincidence or not, check out his thought provoking post on Twitter.

I Wanna Be Like Apple

Apple                                    Microsoft logo

This week Microsoft announced it wants to be like Apple, oops, I mean they intend to open a chain of retail stores.

I guess if you're sitting on as much cash as Microsoft you'd have a hankering to spend.

Maybe our federal government (hear in the USA) should open up a chain of retail stores.  I can see it now; forms, regulations and bacon in one convenient spot.

Sorry for the rant.

Microsoft should focus on innovation.


A Stimulus Package That Will Work

Stimulus photo 2

Since there is so much discussion about the stimulus package here in the USA, I thought I would offer my own stimulus package consideration.  No votes required, but comments are always welcome.

Before I unveil my package, please remember I'm introducing change.  Change implies pain and a gap between the spoken desire and the behavior change.  The list below has been proven to work-at least in my life:

  1. Get healthy by changing your diet and starting an exercise routine.  You'll save money on your grocery bill and you might add years to your life.
  2. Love deeply everyday.  It will affect the quality of your life and those around you.
  3. Cut back on your consumption of media that is negative.  I write cut back because I don't recommend burying your head in the sand.  Get your information and move on.  Don't romance gloom and doom.
  4. Stop worshiping at the alter of money and career success.  Money and careers were designed to be tools for a great life.  Value a great life and the rest will follow.
  5. Stop embracing fear.  If I asked you to buy a story based on False Evidence Appearing Real, would you pay?
  6. Get a mentor and a coach to see you through this package.  You were not designed to go it alone.
  7. Return to God.  He designed you in a way that produces beauty and happiness.  It seems to me he'd be good at giving you a path toward a great life.