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A Great Perspective On Time From Coach Don Nava

I really dig Coach Don Nava's work.  Enjoy his perspective on our life spans.

Finding Something Bigger Than Yourself

These days I feel like an alien.  Could be a good thing considering our culture, our times and my grief. Mother Teresa and Nelson found something bigger than themselves.  Both… Read more »

The Impact of Creativity

This speech from Sir Ken Robinson speaks for itself.  Near and dear to my heart. Enjoy.

The True View Of A Customer

Regardless  of your business type, the customer is not a tool to make your business successful.  You get that outcome when you create something of value and serve the customer… Read more »

Twitter Realities

I'm a user and fan of Twitter.  But I am also a thinker.  Had a couple of new followers (or so I thought) join my community, but Twitter doesn't list… Read more »

I Wanna Be Like Apple

                                    This week Microsoft announced it wants to be like Apple, oops, I mean they intend to open a chain of retail… Read more »

A Stimulus Package That Will Work

Since there is so much discussion about the stimulus package here in the USA, I thought I would offer my own stimulus package consideration.  No votes required, but comments are… Read more »


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