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Does Your Facebook Status Give You Meaning

I came across this piece from Ed Batista today and it speaks volumes. It got me thinking about how we view our status in life and the value we place on… Read more »

Leadership Team Development

During my days in corporate America there was nothing more aggravating than disunity within leadership teams.  Unity (or the idea of) was found in meetings and award ceremonies, but severely… Read more »

Back To Character

The following is a re-post from 2006 and is dedicated to the U.s. Congress and AIG.  May they understand the power of character and the influence therein. A mentor of… Read more »

Embracing The Upside and Downside

In our pursuits (career, money, family, relationships) we find it easy to embrace the upside.  Let's face it; everybody's looking for a win. Focusing on the upside is a good… Read more »

Two Types Of Leaders

My friend Terry Walling points us to a profile of two leaders (one of them being me).  His post is here, and be sure to check out the video.

How We Were Meant To Respond In A Changing World

It's obvious that the world has changed.  Some say for the better, some say for the worse.  I think the truth is found somewhere in the middle. Regardless of your… Read more »

For Better or Worse

Found this piece from Lois Kelly's tweet today.  Regardless of your marital status, I hope it will make you pause and think…I did.

A Vivid Dream Of My Father

I am wired for dreaming.  Been that way for as long as I can remember. I guess its no surprise then that I would grieve via the dream path.  Such… Read more »


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