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Dynamic Presentation Tool That’s A Must

Jeff Gaily, one of my followers on Twitter (I follow him too), pointed to this site/organization named Prezi.  They're presentation tool is one of the coolest I've seen in a… Read more »

How Social Communities Are Impacting Customer Service

Lois Kelly gives us some compelling insight around Verizon's success with customers.  I thought this post was timely, considering the gains Verizon continues to make versus AT&T.  You can read… Read more »

The Art Of Speaking And Listening

I got the following quote today and wanted to share: Most of us were born hearing well, but all of us must learn to listen well. Listening is a skill,… Read more »

The 90/10 Leadership Development Principle-Again

I wrote the following post some time ago, but I think it bears re-posting today: So many principles, so little time:).  Seriously, I want to tackle the 90/10 principle (10%… Read more »

The Matter In Work

Found a great piece from Harvard Business Publishing (Does Your Work Matter To You?) regarding the endeavor we call work.  The results should disrupt you some-the healthy part of the… Read more »

When Love Comes Out Of You

The above clip is from one of my all time favorite musical artists, Pat Metheny.  As I watched the clip I couldn't help but wonder if Metheny knew what was… Read more »

Advice For Avoiding The Leadership Cliff

Found this interview with Warren Bennis at Harvard Business Publishing.  It is an essential read for all-regardless of your title or number of direct reports. The principal that sticks out… Read more »

A Good Friday That’s Great

This is the best Friday of the year.  I hope whatever you're doing today reflects that. Thanks for tuning in.

Leadership Development Carnival

Dan McCarthy over at Great Leadership is the host for April's Leadership Development Carnival.  I submitted a post titled, How Leaders Can Overcome Insecurity, and voila I it was included…. Read more »

The Lens Of Style Points

You may be involved in leadership team development or a new staff member just trying to navigate the "matrix" that sometimes is career.  Regardless of what your role is, you… Read more »


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