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The Running From, Running To Idea-Again

The Cost Of Leaving Vision Behind

"Without a clear vision, odds are you will come to the end of your life and wonder.  Wonder what you could have done-what you should have done.  And like so… Read more »

It’s About Influence

This video clip (courtesy of InsideWork) illustrates how influence works, and how what you want is often paved with pain. Enjoy!

How To Measure Greatness In A Leader

You never know the leader's true core until the "crushing blow" comes.  The following video from Business Week features a conversation with Jim Collins.  He lauds the journey of Steve… Read more »

Learning From Your Mistakes

As I looked at my father's gravesite for the first time today, I couldn't help but think of his ability to just "move on."  That's a very valuable tool in… Read more »

Are You Leading A Tribe?

Found this speech, given by Seth Godin, on TED.  Seth is a gifted communicator and his ideas are in tune with our current time. The bigger question is; can a… Read more »

The Idea Of Pain In Life And Career

The following is an article/post that really moved me.  It's a story you may know, but the lessons are timeless.  I found a part of myself in Mr. Jackson. Painby… Read more »

The Running To, Running From Idea Post

If you attempted to check-out my first video post and failed, I want to beg your indulgence.  Some have told me that the post was not viewable. We're working on… Read more »

New Guest Post On Brazen Careerist

You can take a look at a post I did for Brazen Careerist here.  It was a joy engaging with them and there site is pretty cool too.

On The Brink

Sometimes disappointing news comes in doses we would rather not take.  I have stopped trying to figure out how to reduce/eliminate the issue.  I'm continuing to learn the art of… Read more »


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