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Don’t Be Charmed By Security

Even with the economic conditions here in the States, specifically the employment situation, many still seem to be charmed by security.  I'm alluding to security in the form of career/work. … Read more »

A Great Conversation About Winter Wtih Sting

Coinciding with the release of his new disc, If On A Winter's Night, I've posted this conversation with Sting.  Over my life I have connected with Sting on multiple levels. … Read more »

The Problem With Small Getting Large

One of my favorite merchants in the town I live in, is not one of my favorites anymore. They once were small and engaging, but now world domination seems to… Read more »

So Many Masks, So Little Time

I've written and taught about wearing masks before, but this post (The Joy of Quitting) from Seth got me thinking.  What if we burned our masks (the type that suck away… Read more »

The Calling-Red Pill Versus Blue Pill

Came across this post (via Dan Schawbel on Twitter) from Yahoo Hot Jobs and felt inspired to include the video clip above.  It's from the Matrix.  The classic scene between… Read more »

Everyone Has A Story

I subscribe to the Pigg Pin because I need help in the garden.  Kevin dispenses in an understandable way, and I don't have to spend crazy amounts of time implementing… Read more »

How Perception Can Lead To Reality

The above is a speech from Rory Sutherland.  He gives some veiled (pay close attention)advice on how to take what you are and do to a new level. Have you thought… Read more »

Hidden Costs

One thing that drove me crazy when I was paying for my sins in corporate America was all of the hidden costs inside the organization.  As a corporate manager I… Read more »

How Social Media Can Save Customer Service Training

Was doing some research for a friend/client on customer service training materials this week.  I decided to use Twitter (my top choice for social media portals) as a tool to… Read more »

There Are Many Reasons Why God Is Opposed To The Proud

Maybe you have heard the statement, or read the bible verse, about God being opposed to the proud.  Well, here are some reasons in our day and time that helps us… Read more »


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