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On this day of thanks, I want to wish all who've been inspired by this blog a happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful for the inspiration you bring me.

What Are You Hanging Onto?

Whether it's social media stardom or the next viral marketing campaign, your identity can easily be sucked in.  You may ask what does it matter?  It matters much.  Examine where… Read more »

What Marketing Can’t Fix

Here are some things marketing can't fix: Leaders who wear masks Followers that have lost faith A culture broken from the start Unwillingness to change Organizations that don't put the… Read more »

Music Is The Language Of The Soul

This song from Sade runs through my veins.

The Entrepreneur Connection

If you're not hanging out with other entrepreneurs (positive ones), you're crazy.  Don't mean to be so direct, but it really can help.  I've been discovering this in the last… Read more »


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