Top Finds/Discoveries For 2009

Almost a tradition here, so the following are my finds/discoveries for 2009:

  1. Love is stronger than death.
  2. The way of entrepreneurism has many twists and turns.  I'm learning to be comfortable with what I don't recognize.
  3. Brancaia Tre…2006 to be precise.
  4. Tony Cefalu.  He's the real deal.
  5. Pennington Insurance Services, LLC (a little self-promotion never hurts).
  6. Those that love you need time to process change, just like you do.
  7. I still miss my dad.
  8. Started eating this food on a regular basis and its made a difference.
  9. Legos (really), they've opened a window into how precious the moments are with my son.
  10. Marcella'sis the restaurant where I celebrated my 18th wedding anniversary.  I was wide awake in a dream.
  11. Running became a way of life.
  12. I found this discfrom Gino Vannelli.  He reworked a lot of his old favorites.  A beautiful voice set to beautiful music.
  13. This organization stuck with me, even though I haven't given them a dime in almost four years.  Integrity filled with love matters.

I'm sure there's more, but I didn't think you'd make it to 25.  Cheers to your new year!

Don’t Make Excuses

A few thoughts ruminating through my head tonight:

  1. Is your organization bureaucratic?
  2. Is your organization run like a cult?
  3. Is your organization bloated?
  4. Is your organization relying on cutting expenses to give the appearance of growth?
  5. Is your organization paying you for your time or your results?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then summon the courage and be creatively discontent.  Point out what's wrong and be outspoken (in a professional/respectful manner) about how to create a new paradigm.

By the way, this only works if you're an asset.  Mediocrity earns you no rights.

It’s Called Falling In Love, Tiger

First, no judgement from me on Tiger Woods.  I'm made of the same stuff.  Temptation and mistakes are a one-out-of-one statistic.

I couldn't help but scratch my head when I heard a sports personality comment on Tiger Woods' situation.  He basically stated that Tiger should have kept himself single because the temptations would be too great for him to handle…considering his fame and fortune.

It's called falling in love.  And everybody wants that whether they know it, want it, hate it, deny it, or find themselves with a broken heart over it.

Unfortunately, most of media is focusing on endorsements, who the women were, website statements, and pure gossip.  A broken heart didn't make the headlines.  This says much about where we're at.

I'm confident only the broken hearted can understand what if means to be…