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Top Finds/Discoveries For 2009

Almost a tradition here, so the following are my finds/discoveries for 2009: Love is stronger than death. The way of entrepreneurism has many twists and turns.  I'm learning to be… Read more »

Peace At Christmas

Whatever you may do tonight or tomorrow, it is my prayer that you will experience peace in doing it…Real Peace.

Don’t Make Excuses

A few thoughts ruminating through my head tonight: Is your organization bureaucratic? Is your organization run like a cult? Is your organization bloated? Is your organization relying on cutting expenses… Read more »

It’s Called Falling In Love, Tiger

First, no judgement from me on Tiger Woods.  I'm made of the same stuff.  Temptation and mistakes are a one-out-of-one statistic. I couldn't help but scratch my head when I… Read more »


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