Yesterday Follows, As I Learn

Leadership means everything…ask Churchill, King, Jr., Jobs, Graham, Teresa. 

I usually write with strong opinion and certainty.  Not wavering here, but I hope those leaders mentioned would agree that yesterday's lessons only took root when they "learned."  And isn't learning a vital part of influence?

It's a mysterious thing walking into a future.  We need yesterday to be a follower.  We need yesterday to be the threads of a tapestry called life. 

If it doesn't matter, then why the smile and the pursuit.  Certainly, we were made for more.  Now I know that everything does matter…every dance, every embrace, every sip, every beautiful melody.

Bear with me as I try to understand what I have become.

"I'm crossing that bridge with lessons I've learned."

– Seal

What’s Entrepreneurism Got To Do With It?

The answer to my post title question is; legacy. 

I've found (and am finding) that God is using this thing called entrepreneurism as a tool to help shape my legacy.  And legacy is important.  For me, for my wife, for my kids, for my followers, for those I haven't met yet, and the movie that is called "my life."

In our world today we dig tangible return.  For example, if I invest $10,000 in the stock market, I want a return of 8%.  That's great, but who remembers the return and how long does the euphoria last once you get it?  Never lasted long for me…more like sand in my hands.  But with legacy you're dealing in the currency of faith.  Faith that what you've poured in will produce something brilliant.  I've guided many down this path, and yes it's hard.  Funny how they tend to not look back when they embrace.

Here are some areas of my legacy entrepreneurism has and is helping:

  • Fear – I very rarely utter or think the words "what if."
  • Failure – Entrepreneurism has taught me that multiple failures that create breakthroughs are like finding diamonds.
  • The Why Question – This is no longer a mystery.  My corporate America experience never helped in this department.
  • Communication – I now have an urgency to get the point across.  Not to win the argument or sell something, but to be clear and firm.
  • Physical Health – Took it for granted in the corporate experience and became soft.  Entrepreneurism is teaching me to always discover my limits.
  • The Beauty of Wine – Finally had the courage to slow down and embrace smell, taste and touch.
  • My Feelings – Finally came to the understanding that I feel everything-deeply.  I've come to hate this and be joyous about it too, but feeling deeply always reminds me that I am Fully Alive because of how God wired me.

So what's helping you with your legacy?  And by the way, you're building one whether you know it or not.