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The Implications Of Food And Cancer

One of the most important posts I've put on my blog in a long time.  Please pass this post on.  Your life will be impacted.  

The Helping Versus Selling Principle

Top Ten Reasons Managers Won’t Lead From a Position of Responsibility

The following post first appeared in 2008.  It's worth a look again.   FIRST, HERE'S TO ALL THE MANAGERS WHO LEAD FROM RESPONSIBILITY AND THOSE WHO WANT TO LEARN THE… Read more »

New Books I’m Into

Check out the Epic Books list (found just right and down from this post).  Just updated over the last couple of weeks.  Hope they inspire!

When Leaders Decide To Turn Around

When a leader decides to repent (I know that term conjures images of a fire and brimstone preacher, but it simply means "to turn around") it's a great thing.  It… Read more »

The Security Of Dreams

Had someone tell me last week that your target=”_blank”>authentic swing is found in the "letting it flow" zone.  Don't know why that analogy struck like it did, but Neal's got… Read more »

Why You Need Authentic Passion In Your Career, Your Business And Life


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