When Small Creates Big

I have sometimes fallen into the trap of thinking that I needed to create a big splash in-order to bring home the winning run.  Or even the illusive search for the fictional "silver bullet."  I don't do that anymore.  Call it age and wisdom, but now I'm comfortable with small things.  I'm focused on changing what sphere I've been given to influence.  It's not what Seth Godin or Stephen Covey have authority over.  However, I share a common landscape with both of them.  And that is to change the world-seen or unseen.

It's that seen/unseen stuff that drives us humans crazy.  We want something to show for our toil.  Reasonable, but maybe it's time to turn that desire upside-down.

The following is a speech from Rory Sutherland at a recent TED event.  He's onto something.