A Book About Acting Up In The Workplace

I found a book that you should check-out.  Acting Up Brings Everyone Down is a book by Nick McCormick of Be Good Ventures.  The book is a short read, but is packed with wit, irony and useful workplace tips.

When I began reviewing the book, I couldn't help but think back to my days in the corporate world.  The irony was inescapable.  Nick does a good job at finding situations and anecdotes that breed a sense of relating.  I especially like the 3rd chapter, Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire.  Sincere lying is an art form in some corporate halls.

The tips are also not to be overlooked.  Nick gives the reader no-nonsense help without resorting to worn out motivational techniques.  It's the stuff we no we should do, and shouldn't do.

Maybe Acting Up Brings Everyone Down will help us get back to some basics.


Aspiring To What’s Not Really There

Very easy these days to want success, fame and fortune.  I mean who wouldn't want that?  When the economy is not performing like we want or we're knocking on the door of landing a prized client, it kind of justifies our pursuit.  An understandable discontent to be sure.

But it's an illusion.  Think of it like a golden carrot that's always one step out of our reach.  And just like a drug, we keep coming back for more.  We always find an excuse for what we know deep down is true. 

In my experience what we aspire to should be Real and within our reach.  That implies that we can aspire to the wrong things.  And the wrong things create a question of trustworthiness.

Can you be trusted with the vision given to you?  Can you be trusted with the aspiration that comes along with?

The following are some tough questions to ask as you consider:

  1. Are you involved in things bigger than yourself?
  2. Can you be content even when nothing seems to break your way?
  3. Do you have a desire to find your limits?
  4. If you died today, what and how big would the void be?
  5. Do you have to "take" in-order to win?
  6. What charms you?
  7. Is there anyone besides God who knows all of your secrets?
  8. If you have attained some level of success, fame and fortune, could you walk away from it?
  9. If everyone you knew, and loved, recommended you give up, could you continue the journey anyway?
  10. Have you rejected comfort?

What’s Around The Corner


No one really knows what's around the corner-in any respect.  It frustrates us, confounds us and can generally paralyze us if we're not careful.  It's a battle and riddle we all do a dance with.

My core answer has been found in my relationship with God.  Seems fitting since he knows what's around the corner.  Don't get me wrong, this isn't always a pretty picture.  I still have things in my life that I question why he didn't warn about what was awaiting me.  Over time life has met up with a lesson that when first experienced seemed straight from hell.  Funny how that can work.  He knows that even the crushing blow can produce something beautiful.

But what about the stuff we mostly control?  Our career choices, our health choices, our relationship choices.  A wise man once told me that 90% of my life would be determined by the choices I'd make.  That's staggering when you think about it.

So maybe we need to focus on making good choices.  Maybe that has some impact on what's around the corner.