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Happy Holidays

Here’s wishing you all the best this holiday season. As always, thank you for tuning in.

Your Life The Symphony

  Please view the above video, it provides a necessary context for this post.  You may not be a fan of Peter Cetera or Chicago, but hopefully you can appreciate… Read more »

What I Do For Health And Fitness

The following is a typical day in my life relating to my health and fitness: Running, strength training and Yoga (this group rotates depending on the day and goes for an… Read more »

A Few Of My Favorite iPhone Apps

I've been an iPhone user for almost a year.  I currently using the iPhone 4.  The device has made a positive impact on my work and personal life. The following is a… Read more »

Yesterday’s Post

Just so you know, yesterday's post was a "re-post" from early 2008.  I forgot to note that. It's important to look back and get a glimpse of your thinking at a… Read more »

Viva La Vida and Power

   This video is from a song by Coldplay.  Maybe you've heard it before.  But have you had the chance to read the lyrics?  Take a look: I used to… Read more »


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